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LDT Optimization Package

The LDT Optimization Package consists of 3 key services, which work together to maximize the performance of your fleet. The LDT Optimization Package will:

  • Reduce/Restore DPF regenerations requirements
  • Reduce/Restore EGR service intervals
  • Reduce/Restore DEF consumption rates

  • Improve engine operation efficiency
  • Increase truck utilization rate (i.e. less downtime)

  • Decrease fuel consumption per unit of work
  • Decrease GHG (Green House Gas) emissions

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The LDT Optimization Package


Lloyd Diesel Technologies will spec your engine to its particular duty cycle, thus maximizing its efficiency and preventing unnecessary aftertreatment failure.

  • Reduce and eliminate premature aftertreatment related repairs and downtime
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • LDT only utilizes licensed manufacturer software. Our optimization process WILL NOT VOID the original engine warranty or negatively impact emissions


Lloyd Diesel Technologies will train your maintenance department to efficiently troubleshoot aftertreatment and low fuel economy issues. We specialize in educating your maintenance team to identify issues that don’t trigger fault codes and to anticipate issues before they become a problem.

  • Reduce troubleshooting time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease downtime


LDT will teach your drivers to leverage new engine technology and the LDT Duty Cycle Programming to reduce fuel waste and drive more effectively.

  • Learn techniques for driving hills
  • Learn how to manage idle time
  • Learn other efficiency tips based on your trucks’ equipment and usage

Additional Services

Other Ways LDT Can Help

In addition to the LDT Optimization Program, Lloyd Diesel can assist you with Purchase Consultation and Reverse Retrofit/Reverse Delete Kit services. All LDT services come with on-going technical support.

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Why should you do it?


  • Instantly increase your profit margin by spending less on fuel. Pocket your savings or use them to increase your competitive advantage, either way, you win!


  • Regain confidence in your fleet’s ability to stay on the road instead of in the shop. Save time and money with fewer repairs and less downtime, which means happier drivers and happier customers!


  • Finally get your fleet running the way it is supposed to while still being in compliance with EPA regulations. LDT Optimization is a real solution, with real results: most of our clients see a Return on Investment within the first month! A LDT Optimized engine is a bottom line improvement!

Q & A

Almost All Your Questions Will Be Answered

Why does my Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) keep plugging up for no reason?

95% of the time, this is caused by lack or improper spec’ing of an
engine to its specific duty cycle. Other causes include shorted-out sensors
in range or internal coolant leaks, causing repair bills as high as $15,000.

How do I know if my engine is spec’d properly?

If you have to ask, it is probably not. When trucks are ordered, they are spec’d to general, factory settings and are not set up for specific work duties.  For example, if you use a factory spec’d truck for stop-and-go short distance deliveries with constant idling, it will use the engine differently than if you were to run that same truck long-distances with a majority of highway driving.  Lloyd Diesel will tune your unit’s ECM for its specific work duty, thus maximizing its efficiency.

Will it affect my warranty?

No, having LDT spec your engine to increase efficiency does not void your warranty.

What can I expect from these changes?

Our customers see a huge  drop  in aftertreatment related repairs and down-time, and in many cases, nearly eliminating them. With regular cleaning at recommended services, an engine will be able to run longer and with little or no incident.

Does this negatively effect my fuel economy?

No, it actually improves it. When an engine is properly spec’d, it spends less time working with a plugged filter, thus working at maximum efficiency. In some cases we have seen 1.1 MPG improvement across a fleet and are able to get some units into the 10 MPG. range for Class 7 Vocational.

How much does it cost?

It is very affordable in the grand scheme of your business and how efficient you can run your fleet. In most cases, you can recover your investment in as little as 6 weeks when factoring fuel savings, cost of repairs and lost revenue from down-time,

How long does this last?

These are sustainable changes and once we have made the changes in your engine’s specifications, your are pretty much set. Your unit will run this way for the rest of its service life.

What other services do you offer?

We can provide preventive maintenance education and training on your aftertreatment systems to help identify problems before they start.  We also offer education services that will help teach your drivers how to drive their “engine”, not their truck, and maximize their performance.

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Common DPF & DOC Complaints

Lloyd Diesel’s Engine Spec’ing to Duty Cycle, Aftertreatment Education Systems and Preventive Maintenance Program, help reduce the cost associated with DPF and DOC failures, and in some cases almost eliminates them.

  • DOC face plugging  and premature DPF plugging costs upwards of $1500 to have it pulled, cleaned, baked and reinstalled, along with the downtime that is associated with that service

  • DOC losing it’s efficiency  and causing the DPF to severely plug-up and fail due to either failed EGR cooler, EGR valves or turbo, thus resulting in repair costs as high as $15,000, not to mention the loss of revenue from unnecessary down time

  • Excessive parked regens taking time out of the work day of that unit and unnecessary shop time to run manual regens to verify that it is working properly

  • Excessive passive regens causing filters to be constantly hitting their peek temperature, shortening their service life and promoting premature replacement


Saccani Distributing Was Our Guinea Pig

General Description Of Service

Lloyd Diesel spec’d 23 units for Saccani Distributing, customizing each unit for its specific duty cycle, in this case being vocational beer delivery service.

Services Rendered

Spec’d engines for 23 units/trucks
Failure prevention education

Benefits From Service

Gained fuel mileage
Overall better performance
Minimized down time of aftertreatment related failures


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Thanks to Rob & Lloyd Diesel Technologies, we have noticed a dramatic change in our fleet. Not only have we gained fuel mileage, but we also have had full use of our fleet with minimal down time due smog related failures. We would have at least one truck down a week, sometimes 2 or 3,  due to plugged DPF’s or blown EGR coolers.

After Rob came in and spec’d our trucks and showed me some simple things that I could do to prevent failures, we saved almost $6,000 in fuel in the first month. That was great, but the best part was the fact that we haven’t had a truck down for smog related failure for 3 months!!

This has made my boss extremely happy. We spent a lot of time taking trucks back to the dealership. My boss even joked about us being expensive truck jockey’s. The fuel savings is fantastic, but we are more excited about having our trucks to use at our disposal.

One more great side effect to the work Rob did, is that while I was at our fuel stop down the street, the owner came over and asked if we we’re going somewhere else for fuel. So I guess it must be a noticeable loss of sales for him to come out and inquire on what’s going on.

I strongly recommend that If you want to save money on fuel, and more importantly, increase the use of you’re trucks with minimal down time, call the guys at Lloyd Diesel. It is well worth a few minutes of your time to here what they can offer.

Jacob Bryant | Saccani Distributing


Founder & Master Technician

Master Technician
Nor Cal Kenworth
June 2011-April 2015

Night Foreman
Western Peterbilt
Feb 2009-June 2011

Master Technician
Cummins Northwest
Sept 2007-Sept 2009

Cummins West
March 2001-Dec 2006

The services that are provided by Lloyd Diesel Technologies were spawned from my 16 years of experience as a Cummins Master Technician.

I had the incredible privilege to be introduced to all the newest products and parts while working on 2007 and 2010 heavy duty field test engines alongside some of the most ingenious engineers that have ever developed engines.  I started to notice two main trends forming:

1)  New trucks were in the shop for repairs more often, and at a far higher cost in repairs than older trucks and 2)  Service Departments were becoming indifferent to the situation, excusing it as “the way it is”.

I couldn’t understand how the top engineers, whom I personally worked with, could develop engines that would need a more substantial amount of repair than their predecessors. I doubt it was done on purpose, but that just seemed like bad business to me. I began to ask questions but there was absolutely no knowledge-base on this topic and I found no answers to my questions.  I began to take notes and start to develop an understanding on what was actually causing these issues.  I was asking myself questions like ”Why does this truck have this issue, but another truck does not?” Approximately 3 years ago, I figured it out and I was able to create a new service model based on my research.  In the years that followed, I approached service managers, directors of service, and even owners, and they all said they were not interested in changing a system that has been in place for 30 years and that was “working just fine”.

After hearing that enough times, I decided that I wanted to be the one to help customers get the most out of their engines and trucks.  It was ludicrous to me that the industry standard for over 30 years was to “not change” when dealing with a product that has made light-year advancements over the years.  That’s when I went on my own and founded Lloyd Diesel Technologies.  We are not here to continue with the Status Quo.  We are here to change it.  We are here to fix it.



If you are like us and just want to talk to a human being, call the number below and learn more about how Lloyd Diesel Technologies can optimize your fleet’s performance.

+ 1 (916) 666-9980

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