Founder & Master Technician

Master Technician
Nor Cal OEM Service Center
June 2011-April 2015

Night Foreman
OEM Service Center
Feb 2009-June 2011

Master Technician
Cummins Northwest
Sept 2007-Sept 2009

Cummins West
March 2001-Dec 2006

The services that are provided by Lloyd Diesel Technologies LDT were spawned from my 16 years of experience as a Cummins Master Technician.

I had the incredible privilege to be introduced to all the newest products and parts while working on 2007 and 2010 heavy duty field test engines alongside some of the most ingenious engineers that have ever developed engines.  I started to notice two main trends forming:

1)  New trucks were in the shop for repairs more often, and at a far higher cost in repairs than older trucks and 2)  Service Departments were becoming indifferent to the situation, excusing it as “the way it is”.

I couldn’t understand how the top engineers, whom I personally worked with, could develop engines that would need a more substantial amount of repair than their predecessors. I doubt it was done on purpose, but that just seemed like bad business to me. I began to ask questions but there was absolutely no knowledge-base on this topic and I found no answers to my questions.  I began to take notes and start to develop an understanding on what was actually causing these issues.  I was asking myself questions like ”Why does this truck have this issue, but another truck does not?” Approximately 3 years ago, I figured it out and I was able to create a new service model based on my research.  In the years that followed, I approached service managers, directors of service, and even owners, and they all said they were not interested in changing a system that has been in place for 30 years and that was “working just fine”.

After hearing that enough times, I decided that I wanted to be the one to help customers get the most out of their engines and trucks.  It was ludicrous to me that the industry standard for over 30 years was to “not change” when dealing with a product that has made light-year advancements over the years.  That’s when I went on my own and founded Lloyd Diesel Technologies.  We are not here to continue with the Status Quo.  We are here to change it.  We are here to fix it.



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