Saccani Distributing Was Our Guinea Pig

General Description Of Service

Lloyd Diesel spec’d 23 units for Saccani Distributing, customizing each unit for its specific duty cycle, in this case being vocational beer delivery service.

Services Rendered

Spec’d engines for 23 units/trucks
Failure prevention education

Benefits From Service

Gained fuel mileage
Overall better performance
Minimized down time of aftertreatment related failures


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Thanks to Rob & Lloyd Diesel Technologies, we have noticed a dramatic change in our fleet. Not only have we gained fuel mileage, but we also have had full use of our fleet with minimal down time due smog related failures. We would have at least one truck down a week, sometimes 2 or 3,  due to plugged DPF’s or blown EGR coolers.

After Rob came in and spec’d our trucks and showed me some simple things that I could do to prevent failures, we saved almost $6,000 in fuel in the first month. That was great, but the best part was the fact that we haven’t had a truck down for smog related failure for 3 months!!

This has made my boss extremely happy. We spent a lot of time taking trucks back to the dealership. My boss even joked about us being expensive truck jockey’s. The fuel savings is fantastic, but we are more excited about having our trucks to use at our disposal.

One more great side effect to the work Rob did, is that while I was at our fuel stop down the street, the owner came over and asked if we we’re going somewhere else for fuel. So I guess it must be a noticeable loss of sales for him to come out and inquire on what’s going on.

I strongly recommend that If you want to save money on fuel, and more importantly, increase the use of you’re trucks with minimal down time, call the guys at Lloyd Diesel. It is well worth a few minutes of your time to here what they can offer.

Jacob Bryant | Saccani Distributing


If you are like us and just want to talk to a human being, call the number below and learn more about how Lloyd Diesel Technologies can optimize your fleet’s performance.

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