Fleet Optimization Driving the New Diesel | Improve Fuel Economy

Fleet Optimization Driving the New Diesel | Improve Fuel Economy

Driving Technique Can Improve Fuel Economy by 30%!

Fleet Optimization by Lloyd Diesel

Back before diesel went all “green” on us, it was all about putting the hammer down and getting from Point A to Point B, leaving a trail of smoke in our wake! Sadly, for a lot of us, that has changed with today’s modern, emission compliant diesels and competitive markets. Times have changed…are you changing with them?

Fleet optimization with LDT is comprehensive…we look at everything when it comes to improving efficiency. And while we talk a lot about how PM maintenance has to change to take care of these trucks today, and we talk a lot about how to prevent DPF failure and improve efficiency, today we will talk a bit about how driving has to change if you want your truck, or your fleet, to be as efficient as possible.

If You’re Paying for it, Make Sure You’re Getting it

The newest iteration of diesel engines (MY 2014 and newer) are capable of pretty crazy efficiency…what I mean by that, is that 400 HP is able to do the work of an old 500+ HP pre-emissions engine, and doing it with better fuel economy. That’s thanks to some pretty wild advancements in diesel technology over the last 10 years…but that tech comes at a price.

New trucks are more expensive than ever to buy, and more expensive to maintain (when you’re not LDT Optimized), so it is an absolute must that fleet’s, and owner/independents, do everything they can to get the advertised efficiency from their new trucks.

According to Cummins, utilizing the correct driving techniques can result in up to 30% better fuel economy.

Fleet Optimization

Driving for Efficiency

OK, now this info here applies to you whether you are a fleet manager or an Independent, so listen up.

Fleet managers: your drivers can have a HUGE impact on your fleet efficiency, so make sure they are driving your new trucks the right way.

Drivers: if you can drive “better” than anyone else, you will have more leverage and be able to make more money. If you drive your own truck, driving efficiently means better fuel economy, and less repairs.

Driving today’s diesel takes more than just a light foot. Old habits, and old-school “tricks”, don’t necessarily work on new trucks. That is because there is so much more technology involved. The same engine type and model year in one truck can be set-up totally different in another truck…even in the same fleet! Driving efficiently requires a blueprint, specific for each truck. It is about way more than just tracking fuel use.

Things that need to be considered on each truck include and is all part of LDT’s Optimization service:

  • ECM features and parameters
    • LDT Duty Cycle Programming
  • Rear-end/Axle set-up
    • Correct ratio for truck application
  • Transmission
    • Average shift points, time spent in each gear, mileage spent in each gear
  • Horsepower/Torque
    • Average working HP, over/under powered, split torque, fan-on time
  • Route and Schedule
    • Over-the-Road, Vocational, traffic patterns, topography
  • Load
    • Load-in/off time, weight in relation to route
  • Average speed

Fleet Diversity

As mentioned, fleets today might have different trucks in the yard for the same job. Fleets buy trucks differently than they did 20 years ago…today’s fleets are usually a mix-mash of different engine manufacturers and set-ups based on whatever “deal” or set-up their dealer is pushing at the time. This is why it is even more important that as a Fleet manager, you understand the differences, and make sure your driver’s are properly informed and trained. Gone are the days of “hop-in, turn the key, and head-out” if you are looking for max efficiency for your fleet.

The Impact is Immediate

According to Cummins, utilizing the correct driving techniques can result in up to 30% better fuel economy. So, along with LDT Optimization, Driving for Efficiency training is one of the easiest ways to impact fleet efficiency. And the best part is-the impact is immediate. The driving tips offered by LDT also help reduce repairs and downtime by educating drivers on the early warning signs of imminent failure.

Leveraging today’s technology can also help drivers drive their best. This is done through custom and proper ECM programming, that can help control everything from max speed to acceleration. This type of attention to all available resources and options are what separate LDT from just about every dealership out there. LDT Optimization is the total package when it comes to fleet optimization and efficiency.


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