5f75cc1c7a630298f570deee5b2e0ad9940c3757 FAQ – LLOYD DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES | Eliminate DPF Issues – Stay Emission Complient
What is LDT Optimization?

Optimization consists of two basic principles:

  1. Make sure the truck is setup correctly (Duty Cycle Programming)
  2. Keep the truck running correctly (Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance)

Optimization will improve the efficiency and reliability of the Aftertreatment system, resulting in a drastic reduction in Aftertreatment related repairs and downtime.

What is Duty Cycle Programming?

DCP is a service that ensures a truck is setup to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability for its specific Duty Cycle.

Primarily, DCP focuses on enabling the correct custom features and parameters made available by the manufacturer in the ECM, to improve overall efficiency.

What is Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance?

An on-going maintenance and training service provided by LDT to ensure that your truck avoids the constant premature Aftertreatment failure that most fleets experience due to improper ECM programming and inadequate maintenance protocols.

Is Optimization legal? I thought that you could not tamper with the ECM or Aftertreatment?

Yes, Optimization is 100% EPA/CARB legal. Here is why:

  1. Our service does not directly effect emissions, and therefore does not require an EPA Executive Order certification. The only potential emission related outcome from Optimization would be a reduction in petroleum displacement (by way of improved fuel efficiency) and a reduction in tailpipe emissions (by way of improved DPF efficiency and elimination of forced/manual regens).
  2. Optimization does not remove, alter, or otherwise change the Aftertreatment system components. It simply improves their efficiency and reduces premature failure.
  3. Duty Cycle Programming accesses the ECM legally, using licensed, Pro manufacturer software, and only adjusts the “owner-accessible” parameters made available by the manufacturer.
  4. Duty Cycle Programming does not adjust any parameters beyond the manufacturer’s recommended ranges.
  5. Optimization is designed specifically for on-the-road applications, on trucks that need to meet or exceed current emission regulations.
Will this help with my DPF issues?

Yes, absolutely. Having to constantly clean your DPF is a direct result of an unhealthy Aftertreatment system, specifically, ineffective regens. Optimization ensures that regens can occur passively as-needed, and at the right temperatures, to keep the DPF cleaner, for longer. Additionally, Optimization specializes in identifying and correcting small, non-fault code dependent issues, so they can be repaired to prevent the large, expensive failures.

DID YOU KNOW?  Cummins states that their DPF’s should reach a minimum of 5,000 hours (approximately 225,000 miles) before needing to be serviced. If you are cleaning your DPF more frequently than that, then you need to get Optimized!!

How much does it cost?

It is very affordable in the grand scheme of your business and how efficient you can run your fleet. For fleets, it is as simple as a small down payment followed by a monthly subscription-type payment of as little a $100/month per truck for a contracted period of two years.

Your truck units will run so efficiently that the amount of money saved each month per unit is more than the monthly subscription payment for that unit.

Does Optimization void my warranty?

No. Optimization does not void your original engine manufacturer warranty.


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