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When a Fire Engine has to go out of service, not only is it costly to the city and department, it is potentially dangerous. Lloyd Diesel Technologies (LDT) specializes in preventing premature Aftertreatment failure while improving efficiency and reliability, through our Optimization service.

This report is designed to demonstrate the benefits and importance of LDT’s Optimization service as it applies to Fire Engines. This report is a comparative before/after study that utilizes real world, working data from Winters Fire Department The results demonstrate measurable improvements to fuel use as well as to Aftertreatment efficiency.


Engine #26 – 2013 Pierce, Cummins ISL recieved LDT Duty Cycle Programming*
*This unit had stock, dealership settings until LDT changed them according to this unit’s Duty Cycle.


Fire Engine’s require very specific ECM programming and maintenance in order to improve Aftertreatment functionality and efficiency, and prevent untimely breakdowns. Unfortunately, most dealerships and OEM’s are not adept or prepared for the unique challenges of emergency services apparatus.

Factory ECM programming, done at the time of purchase, typically results in a Fire Engine that is not operating at its maximum efficiency potential, and at worst, is dangerously unreliable.

This is due to the Fire Engine’s unique Duty Cycle and application. Most suburban engines will share a similar Duty Cycle as seen in this case study:

  • About 60% of engine run time in idle or PTO
  • Only about 30% of engine run time in drive
  • Less than 5% of engine miles in Top Gear (freeway speeds)
  • Gear Down or Low Gear make up a majority of engine miles

This type of Duty Cycle not only kills fuel efficiency, but wreaks havoc on the Aftertreatment system. Under generic, dealer settings, the Aftertreatment on a Fire Engine will not get hot enough, for long enough, to work effectively. Over time, this leads to progressive damage of Aftertreatment components, and ultimately premature failure and repairs. It also causes lost efficiency and performance. There is zero margin for failure when it comes to emergency service vehicles, which is why it is imperative that they are programmed and maintained correctly.



One measure of efficiency that is easily quantifiable is fuel efficiency. Especially relevant to Fire Engines is efficient fuel use during idle. As seen in the data below, Engine 26 was able to improve not just fuel economy (MPG), but fuel use (GPH), because of LDT Optimization. Not only does improved fuel efficiency result in a measurable cost savings for the Fire District, but it is a direct reflection of an engine that is operating at its best potential.

The “After” report represents real world, working data, collected over 1,000 miles of real world use.

  • ENGINE #26
  • ENGINE #26

The biggest challenge in maintaining a modern, emission compliant Fire Engine is preventing premature and on-going failure
of the Aftertreatment system. Fire Engines, in particular because of their use, present many unique challenges when it comes to
the Aftertreatment system being able to work properly.

Fire Truck Duty Cycle



Regen intervals measure how often a truck attempts to clean the DPF. Frequent regens waste fuel and cause excessive wear-and-tear to the Aftertreatment system.

Improved regen intervals means that regens are happening less frequently. This is possible because Optimization makes each regen attempt more effective at doing its job: cleaning the DPF. Improving regen intervals saves fuel, improves efficiency, and is evidence of a healthy Aftertreatment system.


Regens are designed to passively keep the DPF clean. An effective regen is one that is able to achieve the correct temperatures for the correct amount of time, to clean the DPF. Improper factory programming, and inadequate maintenance standards typically result in ineffective regens. LDT Optimization improves regen effectiveness, resulting in less progressive damage and an overall more efficient DPF.


DPF efficiency measures of how clean the DPF is. Operating with a consistently plugged or dirty DPF will cause a loss in fuel efficiency, and progressive damage to the Aftertreatment system.

Improving DPF efficiency means that the DPF is able to stay cleaner for longer, and is evidence of effective regens. It also means that your Engine is operating “greener”.

Avg Regen Interval Improvement 18%
Avg Regen Effectiveness Improvement 11%
Avg DPF Efficiency Improvement 7%


The evidence conclusively demonstrates the effectiveness of LDT Optimization on improving the efficiency of this Fire Engine. Given the unique demands of Emergency Service Apparatus, it is imperative that they are programmed and maintained in a way that specifically addresses these demands. Improve your fleet today with LDT!

The result of Optimization is a more reliable fleet for your District, that operates more reliably and more efficiently, saving your Department both time and money.


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