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Your Aftertreatment System is Programmed to Fail!

(And Lloyd Diesel is the only company that will fix it!)

If you guys are tired of getting kicked in the nuts by Aftertreatment repairs and breakdowns, then maybe its time you listen up!

Aftertreatment: the EPA mandated emission control system consisting of things like the DPF (filter), DEF (fluid), EGR, DOC, etc…

The reason you keep getting stuck on the side of the road with check engine lights, failed sensors, and plugged DPF’s all comes back to one thing: your Aftertreatment system is programmed to fail.

diesel truck optimization-Lloyd DieselThe Aftertreatment is a complicated series of mechanical parts designed to capture pollutants from your exhaust, all controlled by your truck’s ECM (computer). Straight from the factory, this ECM is programmed with “one-size-fits-all”, generic settings. When you run with generic settings, your system will fail, unless you are part of the small percentage of people with trucks set-up just right for those generic settings.

The reality is, there are thousands of parameter combinations available that can improve (or destroy) the efficiency of how the Aftertreatment works, depending on how they are set-up. Lloyd Diesel has spent years developing the correct combinations and adjustments to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your Cummins and Detroit Diesel equipped trucks, all while staying CARB/EPA compliant, and without violating your original engine manufacturer’s warranty. We call it Duty Cycle Programming, and it is part of our industry changing Optimization service.

Our Duty Cycle Programming is customized to your exact needs, based on the way you drive, what you drive, and how you drive it. The result? An Aftertreatment system that can finally work properly, the way it was designed to, with no more premature failure of expensive components.


  • increase efficiency,  increase reliability

  • reduce downtime, reduce repair expense

  • improve fuel economy, reduce DEF waste

If you are ready to stop throwing money away at the dealership, replacing parts that keep breaking, then CALL LLOYD DIESEL TODAY!! Now offering service at the 49er Travel Plaza in Sacramento, and in Dallas TX!

CALL US: 916-666-9980

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