Don’t Wait for Your Truck to Breakdown, Learn to Predict Issues!

Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance

LDT Provides You with TRUE Diagnostics

So you can fix issues before they become a major problem!

If you know Lloyd Diesel at all, then you know that our Optimization service is a total game changer. Our goal is to (LEGALLY!!) rid the trucking industry of Aftertreatment related issues and problems, and we are doing that one truck at a time with LDT Optimization…Our Optimization service provides custom ECM tuning to enable your Aftertreatment to finally work the way it was designed to, leading to an elimination of premature DPF failure and an improvement in performance and fuel economy. If you, like many others, are plagued by constant check engine lights, sensor failures, performance issues, and plugged DPF’s, it is because you need to get Optimized!

Are you sick and tired of your service center replacing broken parts, but not being able to tell you why it broke?? Then you need LDT’s Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance.

This year, LDT is rolling out something new for you guys: Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance. This is always included with our Optimization service, but for the first time ever, you can now have your truck’s Aftertreatment system inspected by LDT without having to get Optimized!

What Will Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance Do For You?

Lloyd Diesel will provide you with a front-to-back detailed inspection of your Aftertreatment system, analyzing every component to ensure it is in proper working order. Here are just a few of the things we cover:

Turbo efficiency

We can tell you if your turbo is still working at maximum efficiency, or if it is on its last legs, so you can replace it on YOUR time instead of wait to breakdown on the side of the road!

DPF health

A plugged DPF will destroy not only performance and fuel economy, but also causes progressive damage to the rest of your Aftertreatment and engine. LDT can tell you just how dirty your DPF is, and when it will need to be cleaned.

Did you know-you should be getting at least 225,000 miles between DPF cleanings?? If you aren’t, then you need LDT!

DOC health

Most people don’t know that their DOC is face plugged until it is too late and your truck is de-rated, or worse. LDT can let you know how healthy, or unhealthy, your DOC is.

Regen Effectiveness

LDT will analyze how frequently your truck is performing a regen, and if those regens are effectively cleaning the DPF. Ineffective regens are what cause you to have to constantly pull and clean your DPF.

Identify faulty sensors and sensors shorted-in-range

Sensors are super important for making sure things work properly. A bad sensor is often responsible for causing major damage and expensive repairs. When they are faulty, they throw a fault code, which is how your service center knows to change them, but did you know that a sensor can be bad without throwing a fault code?? That is called “shorted-in-range”, and LDT specializes in identifying those sensors, so you can replace them (for relatively cheap) before they cause something else (usually something expensive) to break.

Disclose any potential or looming failures/breakdowns

We combine the best of the new school and the old school when we inspect your truck. This means we use a computer to give us detailed information about the health of your Aftertreatment, but also perform a thorough, industry leading visual inspection to catch any other potential issues.

it is better to know about a problem, so you can decide how to handle it, budget for it, and fix it, instead of not knowing about it until you are stuck on the side of the road!

The good news is that, with our Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance, you will finally know exactly what is going on with your truck. If you have been having issues with it-chances are we will be able to tell you what the problem is. If it is running smooth-then we can help you keep it running smooth. With Lloyd Diesel, gone are the days of waiting for something to break to tell you there was a problem. The bad news? There is usually something wrong with your truck, that you aren’t even aware of. But it is better to know about a problem, so you can decide how to handle it, budget for it, and fix it, instead of not knowing about it until you are stuck on the side of the road!

To learn more, give us a call, or better yet, if you are going through Northern California, stop by the 49er Travel Plaza and get your Predictive Maintenance inspection today!! Takes about 20 mins, but could save you thousands!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Full Aftertreatment inspection is just $250!!!*

*remember, this service is ALWAYS included with Optimization, but is only available as a stand-alone service in Nor. California

CALL US: 916-666-9980

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