Think Your New Trucks Don’t Need LDT? Think Again!

DPF Cleaning

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DPF cleaning-LDT Duty Cycle Programming

Get your truck to HULK OUT with LDT Optimization!

If we have said it once, we have said it a million times…until your truck’s ECM is properly programmed (with LDT Duty Cycle Programming), it will NEVER work properly. This is because your truck comes to you with factory, generic settings, preventing the truck from reaching its full efficiency potential.

Now, today’s newer trucks, like 2015 and up, come from the factory running pretty good. That is because manufacturers have to keep improving their engines to keep up with EPA compliance regulations. But they are still not set up right…you just don’t know it. Not being set up right, and not being maintained properly, is what leads to progressive damage and parts failing before they should.

Its a New Truck, it Runs Great!

You may think that your new truck is fine. But it isn’t. Here is a real world report on a couple of new trucks that have been LDT Optimized. This customer had two 2016 trucks, both with Cummins ISX15 in them, for us to Optimize. Both were right around the 45,000 mile mark. Owner reported NO KNOWN ISSUES or PROBLEMS to us. Here is what we did for them:

Improved regen effectiveness by 43%

Yes, on a perfectly working, new truck, our service still improved how effective each regen was. Meaning, each regen hit the correct temperatures, at the right times, to keep the DPF cleaner for longer.

Reduced Average Fuel Rate by 6%

Baseline, a new engine is going to be more efficient than an old one. That is a reflection on improvements in technology and design. However, as we demonstrated here, there is still room for improvement. Reducing Fuel Rate (in other words: gallons consumed per hour) has a huge impact on fuel costs. For one truck, we estimated a savings of nearly $500 in fuel, IN JUST 500 HOURS!

FREE TIP: If you go to your dealership and ask them if they can do what we do, and they say they can, ask yourself: “why didn’t they already do it in the first place?”

Identified fault codes and Aftertreatment health issues

This is the real biggie that sets LDT apart from anyone else out there. Our diagnostic capabilities are so far ahead of what is available that we are able to identify small issues that typically go missed, and correct them before they become big expensive issues. We call it Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance, and it is the difference between catching and fixing a $100 sensor in 15 minutes today, or having to replace a turbo or pull and clean a DPF and DOC tomorrow. One of these trucks already requires a DPF cleaning, at just 45,000 miles. Did you know that your DPF is supposed to last 5000 hours, or roughly 225,000 miles? Get the full life out of your DPF and avoid premature DPF cleaning with LDT Optimization!

2016 Cummins ISX15 Fuel Use Report:

avg fuel economy (mpg) 3.56 3.67 3.09%
drive avg economy 3.77 3.93 4.41%
top gear economy 4.77 4.87 2.28%
avg fuel rate (gph) 6.44 6.04 -6.19%

What are you waiting for? Every day without LDT Optimization is another day of throwing money down the drain! CONTACT US today to get your diesel truck optimization to the next level!

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