Take Your PM Maintenance to the Next Level

Take Your PM Maintenance to the Next Level

Predictive Maintenance | Lloyd Diesel Technologies

Stop relying on dealerships for maintenance, keep it in house

Alright, we all remember the good ol’ days when diesel maintenance meant changing the oil and the occasional wrenchin…but today’s emission compliant diesel engine is a whole other beast! You can’t keep treating diesel maintenance the same way we did it 15 years ago. It is time to step up and get with the times!

The challenge, unfortunately, is that with as fast as the EPA required engine manufacturers to design emission compliant engines, nobody bothered to tell the truck owners and mechanics how to take care of them! Today’s diesel engine contains more technology and computer processing power than the rocket that went to the moon…and if one little piece of the Aftertreatment fails…kabooom…the whole thing is shot.

The OEM’s would have you believe that they have the secret to proper maintenance on your new trucks. The reality is, they don’t. If they did, you wouldn’t be in there every 3 months for another warranty repair or DPF cleaning.

Stop Waiting, Start Predicting

Today’s PM should include some basics when it comes to Aftertreatment:

  1. Aftertreatment health diagnostics
    1. DPF health and efficiency
    2. Turbo health and efficiency
    3. DOC health
    4. Regen effectiveness
    5. Sensor functionality
  2. Regen history
  3. Fault code report
  4. Visual inspection

This is where Lloyd Diesel is setting the standard, and leaving the OEM’s/Dealerships/Service Centers in the dust. Our Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance service is entirely predicated on KEEPING YOUR TRUCKS RUNNING. See, we don’t make a dime on repairing your truck. Instead, we help you prevent and predict issues, and teach you how to do a lot of preventive repairs yourself. All these things can and should be done in-house, seamlessly integrated into your 90-day bit, by your tech with our help. Think of the downtime you could prevent, and the money you could save, when you know exactly what is going on with your DPF, turbo, and other components.

Dealer Mentality:

-change the broken part

-symptom based diagnostics

Lloyd Diesel Mentality:

-prevent part failure

-root-cause diagnostics

As these new engines were rolled out and mandated, education on how to maintain them was never shared. That led to a whole generation of diesel techs that were schooled with a “stay-in-the-box”, parts changing mentality that just won’t work. That may seem harsh to some of you, and granted, there are probably some decent shops out there doing their best. However, if you ever felt like your dealership was just throwing darts blind-folded when it comes to fixing your truck right, then you know what we are talking about.

“Although no hard data exists, some fleet managers say that diesel vehicles average 2.5 to 4.5 more downtime days per year (compared to gas vehicles). This is primarily due to either the lack of parts availability or to a shortage of qualified technicians, either at the dealership or fleet level.”-Government Fleet

Warranties Aren’t Helping

We get it…the dealership is the direct link to the engine manufacturer. As such, they “should” have all the education, support, and training needed to maintain and repair the trucks they are selling. While they may be really good at changing out (warrantying out) broken parts, they usually aren’t too good at telling you why it broke (well before its usable life), or how to prevent it from breaking again. All they really have is the ability to process a warranty repair.

Any fleet that has gone to the dealership with a repeat repair has experienced this first hand. The dealership solution is typically to “warranty” the repair, even multiple times, on the same part. We call this “symptom-based” diagnostics, and it doesn’t work. Simply correcting the “symptom” does not often correct the actual “problem”. The biggest problem in the industry is that this has become the accepted standard for diesel maintenance, because nobody has told you that you can actually prevent most these issues yourself!

Over reliance on warranties has led to complacency in our industry. The dealerships aren’t motivated to find a real solution because their billing continues to skyrocket. And if you think that warranty repair is “free”, think again. If your truck is down, it ain’t earning. And we alllll know just how fast the dealers are when it comes to diagnosing, processing the warranty, ordering parts, and completing the repair. LDT keep your trucks on the road, because up-time matters. Sometimes that means skipping the warranty and making the repair in-house…a solution that can actually net you more money than what you would save going through the warranty.

The LDT Standard

Any fleet manager knows that the biggest problem right now is finding ways to reduce on-going maintenance and repairs costs. The American Trucking Association recently concluded that “reducing maintenance costs related to exhaust aftertreatment systems requires fleets to develop their own preventive maintenance (PM) schedules and not rely solely on OEM recommendations.”

While we 100% agree with that assessment, we also understand that it is not so simple to just “develop” your own Aftertreatment PM. Our service is based on over 15 years of industry experience, including working with Cummins on field testing Aftertreatment when it was first developed. It is that kind of inside knowledge and understanding that allows us to provide our one-of-a-kind Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance service. We work directly with your in-house tech team, providing the training, support, and best practices to truly impact your fleet, at a price that pays for itself almost instantly.

Stop wasting money on repairs that can be avoided. It is time for a new approach to PM maintenance. With LDT’s Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance it is possible to achieve maximum fleet efficiency, manageable downtime, and reduced expenses TODAY.


CONTACT Lloyd Diesel today to learn more…hate sales pitches? So do we! Call us or email us to actually learn more about Aftertreatment issues. You’ll walk away with a little better understanding of your trucks, guaranteed, and if you want more help from us we got you covered.


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Predictive Maintenance | Lloyd Diesel Technologies


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