Would You Spend $100 to Save $20,000???

Would You Spend $100 to Save $20,000???

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Expensive Aftertreatment Repairs CAN be Avoided

The cost of operating an emission compliant fleet is staggering, in large part due to expensive and on-going Aftertreatment related repairs. With LDT’s Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance service, you can actually reduce Aftertreatment related repairs and downtime. In this article, I’m going to show you how a $100 can prevent $20,000 in repairs…

DPF maintenance today

We talk about this all the time…but until your regens are able to keep your DPF clean, you will never get the efficiency and reliability your trucks are capable of. Driving around with a partially plugged DPF leads to PROGRESSIVE DAMAGE. This is the #1 killer of efficiency, and the #1 cause of expensive repairs. With the correct predictive maintenance with LDT’s Optimization program, you can prevent progressive damage. If your dealer is telling you that the correct PM maintenance should include ANNUAL DPF CLEANINGS, not only are they flat out WRONG, they are ripping you off.

Did you know that a DPF is supposed to last 5,000 hours (app. 225,000 miles) before needing maintenance?? Just ask Cummins or Detroit…ask your dealer and I bet you get a different answer…

There is a better solution to annual DPF cleanings: Lloyd Diesel Technologies Optimization service. Let’s keep it real simple for you…Optimization does 2 main things:

  1. Programs your trucks right
  2. Keeps them running right

By providing you with the correct, legal ECM programming and calibrations, your Aftertreatment can finally work correctly, helping keep the DPF cleaner, for longer.

And by utilizing our industry leading PM maintenance service, your trucks will run right, for longer, without the progressive damage that leads to expensive repairs.

Our Predictive Maintenance service does things that you probably won’t find anywhere else:

  • analyze turbo efficiency and remaining life
  • determine DPF health and estimate remaining life
  • only clean a DPF when it needs it-before it plugs
  • determine DOC health
  • predict/prevent large scale Aftertreatment failure
  • read fault codes and accurately correct them
  • think and work “outside-the-box”
  • diagnose sensors “shorted-in-range” that have no fault code
  • visually inspect Aftertreatment for potential issues
  • analyze fuel use/fuel efficiency

The $100 Riddle

Most of you guys only see the major repair problems: plugged DPF’s, face-plugged DOC’s, blown turbo after blown turbo, lost power, etc…These are all the SYMPTOMS of progressive damage. What I mean by that is: they are the end result of operating with a smaller, or multiple smaller, issues.

One example of a smaller issue?? A failed sensor, shorted-in-range.

Average cost of a sensor? $100.

Average time to change it? 30 mins. Tops.

Average repair cost avoided by identifying and replacing that bad sensor early? At least $5,000, and as much as $20,000, in one year.

All of us would obviously be willing to spend $100 to prevent $20,000, or even $5,000…so why don’t you?? Simple: nobody is telling you how to diagnose and identify that bad sensor. They are just swapping out the big, expensive, component, but missing the root-cause. LDT’s predictive maintenance service makes sure you catch the small, inexpensive repairs before they turn into big, expensive repairs.

The Dealer Dilema

When you take your truck to the dealer because the turbo is shot, you probably replace the turbo, right? Well, does your dealer check anything else? Do they tell you why it failed early? Or do they just start arbitrarily replacing things, similar to throwing darts with a blindfold on, in the name of preventive maintenance?

Do they produce a report for you on how dirty the DPF is? Or do they just tell you to clean the DPF for “maintenance”? Do they tell you what the maintenance interval is for your DPF? And if you are under that interval, do they explain why you need to clean it anyways?

Do they produce a report for you on sensor health? Or do they just start replacing all the sensors, you know, for maintenance?

You see, these are the questions you need to start asking yourself as a modern day truck owner, because the standard that has been set by the dealerships for the last 10 years is a standard that is costing you money and downtime, while lining their pockets. Are there good dealerships out there?? Absolutely. Many of you have had long standing relationships with your salesperson and dealership, and they have been setting you up for decades. The hard truth is that the entire game changed in 2007 with emission regulations, and most people got left behind. If you dealership can’t diagnose DPF health, or turbo efficiency, or diagnose beyond a fault code…well then, they are not able to help you reduce your repairs and downtime. Plain and simple.

Today’s modern diesel engines need a modern PM maintenance plan…one that is affordable, reliable, and effective. LDT Optimization is the only service of its kind in the U.S. CONTACT US TODAY to learn how we can help your fleet or truck!!


CONTACT Lloyd Diesel today to learn more…hate sales pitches? So do we! Call us or email us to actually learn more about Aftertreatment issues. You’ll walk away with a little better understanding of your trucks, guaranteed, and if you want more help from us we got you covered.


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Predictive Maintenance | Lloyd Diesel Technologies

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