5f75cc1c7a630298f570deee5b2e0ad9940c3757 Refuse Truck Case Study – LLOYD DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES | Eliminate DPF Issues – Stay Emission Complient


Lloyd Diesel performed an analysis study on an active Refuse Disposal Truck for the purpose of verifying the effectiveness of LDT Duty Cycle Programming.


Unit #32 recieved LDT Duty Cycle Programming*
*This unit had stock, dealership settings until LDT changed them according to this unit’s Duty Cycle.


Refuse trucks feature one of the most brutal Duty Cycle’s in the industry: constant stop-and-go, more idle time than drive time, and low gear, slow mileage. This type of use not only kills fuel efficiency, but wreaks havoc on the Aftertreatment system.

Under generic, dealer settings, the Aftertreatment will not get hot enough, for long enough, to work effectively. This leads to the constantly plugged DPF’s and on-going repair issues that your refuse fleet is dealing with.

LDT Optimization corrects these issues, reducing Aftertreatment repairs and downtime while improving efficiency.



Because Refuse is such a brutal Duty Cycle, most refuse trucks’ baseline efficiency is “in the dumps”. The good news is that the improvement potential with LDT Optimization is huge. Unit #32 can finally operate at its full potential.

Improving fleet-wide fuel economy is possible with Optimization. The improvements here represent real world, working data, collected over an average of 6,000 miles of real world use.


Unit #32 experienced fuel economy and rate improvements across the board after the LDT Optimization Service

Avg. Fuel Economy(MPG)     41.48% Improvement
Low Gear Economy(MPG)     26.72% Improvement
Avg. Fuel Rate(GPH)     0.67% Improvement
Idle Fuel Rate(GPH)     16.50% Improvement

  • Unit #32
  • Unit #32

A healthy Aftertreatment system will result in improved efficiency and reduced repairs and
downtime. Two ways to measure Aftertreatment health is with Regen Intervals and DPF



Regen intervals measure how often a truck attempts to clean the DPF. Frequent regens waste fuel and cause excessive wear-and-tear to the Aftertreatment system.

Improved regen intervals means that regens are happening less frequently. This is possible because Optimization makes each regen attempt more effective at doing its job: cleaning the DPF. Improving regen intervals saves fuel, improves efficiency, and is evidence of a healthy Aftertreatment system.


DPF efficiency measures of how clean the DPF is. Operating with a consistently plugged or dirty DPF will cause a loss in fuel efficiency, and progressive damage to the Aftertreatment system.  Improving DPF efficiency means that the DPF is able to stay cleaner for longer, and is evidence of effective regens.

Avg Regen Interval Improvement 76.84%
Avg DPF Efficiency Improvement 18.10%


Along with the improved DPF efficiency and fuel economy improvements shown above, the LDT Optimization service will drastically reduce Aftertreatment related downtime and repair costs.

Imagine how much money you can save across your entire fleet, on a yearly basis, with LDT Optimization.


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