How Proper DPF Maintenance Improved Fuel Use by 20%

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LDT Improved Fuel Rate by OVER 20% for this fleet!

Almost $10,000 in fuel savings in 90 days!

OK, I already know, this is the one you guys will call bull shit on. Despite having the data stare you in the face, you will still call it snake oil. Suit yourself. You can keep driving dirty or you can get with LDT. Here is just one more example of how LDT is changing the industry:

Improving Your Fuel Rate

Average Fuel Rate measures how many gallons of fuel you burn through every hour. This is different than Fuel Economy, which measures how much fuel you burn while driving. Fuel Rate is an especially important measurement when your trucks spend a lot of time idling or in PTO instead of just driving around. Getting the truck’s ECM set-up correctly is the first step towards getting things working properly, and can make a big impact. The trucks here are all super-heavy haul dumps that spend about 50% of their engine run time in idle. Here is what LDT Duty Cycle Programming did for them:

2013 ISX15 Unit #218 5.99 gph 4.92 gph 17.78%
2014 ISX15 Unit #608 6.08 gph 4.80 gph 21.08%
2016 ISX15 Unit #252 6.35 gph 4.76 gph 25.04%

Those types of fuel use improvements have a HUGE impact on fuel costs, and they were all achieved by simply setting up the ECM correctly to allow the Aftertreatment to work properly.

DPF Maintenance Starts with Duty Cycle Programming

LDT’s Duty Cycle Programming is where the magic starts. LDT gets your ECM’s set-up correctly for the type of trucks you have and for how those trucks are used. Your factory-set ECM is generic at best, and at worst, has completely wrong calibrations and settings in it. LDT takes our over 8 years of industry R&D to determine the exact combinations of parameters and adjustments needed to allow your truck to work the way it was designed to. This will maximize efficiency and performance and reduce DPF maintenance and Aftertreatment repairs.

In simple terms: Duty Cycle Programming keeps your DPF cleaner, for longer. And when you drive with a clean DPF, you are more efficient and have more power. This is because your engine and turbo aren’t constantly fighting against the back pressure of a dirty DPF.

A More Efficient Truck Can Save You Money

When the engine can just do its job, without the extra workload of fighting DPF back pressure, you generally will need less fuel to do the same amount of work. A little bit of efficiency improvement goes a long way, especially when you are talking about large fleets over the life of a truck. Sometimes, trucks are set up so wrong by the dealership, that Duty Cycle Programming ends up causing a HUGE efficiency improvement, as in this case. Here are some more numbers for you from Unit #218:

2013 ISX15 Unit #218 2.26 mpg 4.60 mpg 103.67%

LDT was able to DOUBLE their Top Gear fuel economy. This is important because when this truck is actually moving, not just idling, it is in Top Gear 60% of the time. With LDT Duty Cycle Programming, just these 3 trucks saved this company over $10,000 in fuel costs in just 100 days!!

You deserve the best out of your truck, and LDT can get that for you. Stop throwing money away on poor fuel economy and repairs that could be avoided! Get LDT Optimized today!

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DPF Maintenance | Lloyd Diesel Technologies
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