Are you getting 225,000 miles on your DPF? Why not???

Are you getting 225,000 miles on your DPF? Why not???

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Premature DPF failure is the industry standard, but it doesn’t have to be

If you’re like most people, you’ve had it with your DPF constantly plugging up. Stop throwing away money trying to stay ahead of DPF failure and prevent it all together with LDT Optimization!

What is premature DPF failure?

Premature failure means your DPF is plugging up sooner than it is supposed to. Here’s the problem…I bet your Dealer never told you how long its “supposed” to last. Our suggestion? Go straight to the source:


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If you are not getting at least 5,000 hours out of your Cummins DPF before needing to clean it, then you are experiencing premature failure. I bet most of you are lucky to get half that, if not less! Here’s the thing…the DPF is not the problem, poor regens are.

Premature DPF failure occurs because of having poor regen effectiveness, NOT BECAUSE THE DPF IS BAD.

What is regen effectiveness?

Here is the down and dirty on regens: they gotta get HOT enough, for LONG enough, to actually effectively clean the DPF.

The most common reason your regens suck is because if improper ECM programming by your OEM/Dealer.

The second most common reason for poor regens is some kind of upstream component failure…this could be a sensor, the turbo, or other pieces of the Aftertreatment.

Lloyd Diesel will not only measure and show you how effective (or ineffective) your regens are, we will also identify the issues causing it.¬†Can your dealer do that?? Nah…instead of actually fixing the problem, they probably just told you to come in for annual DPF “maintenance” cleanings.

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Stop Losing Money on Repairs

Driving with ineffective regens leads to a dirty DPF. Driving with a dirty DPF leads to progressive damage of the Aftertreatment system and your engine. This is evident by poor fuel economy, power loss, acceleration/pull lag, check engine lights, and eventually complete breakdown. Keeping your DPF clean will prevent expensive repairs, and save you thousands.

With LDT Duty Cycle Programming, your trucks’ ECMs will finally be set-up to allow the entire Aftertreatment system to work properly. Just look at that chart: OEM/Dealer programming resulted in only about 20% of regens actually hitting the right temperatures to clean the DPF. After LDT, regens were about 70% effective overall!! That leads to a cleaner DPF, for longer, and one that will darn sure get you to the manufacturer’s maintenance standards! And our Aftertreatment Predictive Maintenance service is the ONLY service available that can actually tell you how clean or dirty your DPF is, so you only clean it when it needs it!


CONTACT Lloyd Diesel today to learn more…hate sales pitches? So do we! Call us or email us to actually learn more about Aftertreatment issues. You’ll walk away with a little better understanding of your trucks, guaranteed, and if you want more help from us we got you covered.


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