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LDT Optimization Package

The LDT Optimization Package consists of 3 key services, which work together to maximize the performance of your fleet. The LDT Optimization Package will:

  • Reduce/Restore DPF regenerations requirements
  • Reduce/Restore EGR service intervals
  • Reduce/Restore DEF consumption rates

  • Improve engine operation efficiency
  • Increase truck utilization rate (i.e. less downtime)

  • Decrease fuel consumption per unit of work
  • Decrease GHG (Green House Gas) emissions

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The LDT Optimization Package


Lloyd Diesel Technologies will spec your engine to its particular duty cycle, thus maximizing its efficiency and preventing unnecessary aftertreatment failure.

  • Reduce and eliminate premature aftertreatment related repairs and downtime
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • LDT only utilizes licensed manufacturer software. Our optimization process WILL NOT VOID the original engine warranty or negatively impact emissions


Lloyd Diesel Technologies will train your maintenance department to efficiently troubleshoot aftertreatment and low fuel economy issues. We specialize in educating your maintenance team to identify issues that don’t trigger fault codes and to anticipate issues before they become a problem.

  • Reduce troubleshooting time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease downtime


LDT will teach your drivers to leverage new engine technology and the LDT Duty Cycle Programming to reduce fuel waste and drive more effectively.

  • Learn techniques for driving hills
  • Learn how to manage idle time
  • Learn other efficiency tips based on your trucks’ equipment and usage

Additional Services

Other Ways LDT Can Help

In addition to the LDT Optimization Program, Lloyd Diesel can assist you with Purchase Consultation and Reverse Retrofit/Reverse Delete Kit services. All LDT services come with on-going technical support.


If you are like us and just want to talk to a human being, call the number below and learn more about how Lloyd Diesel Technologies can optimize your fleet’s performance.

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