Optimization seemed too good to be true, but we had to try something. Optimization has resulted in better fuel economy and eliminated plugged DPF issues. Our trucks stay working, and our repair costs are way down. I would 100% recommend Optimization.

Double M Trucking

Our trucks used to constantly deal with downtime and excessive repairs. After it was explained to us, Optimization just made sense. Not only is Optimization easy to incorporate into the fleet, it has reduced downtime and repair costs, while improving our own in-house diagnostic capabilities.

Northern Sierra Propane, in

At first I was skeptical about the service but once we saw the positive changes in Fuel Ecomony, Regen Intervals and Repair Costs, we were very satisfied with LDT's Optimization Service.  If asked, we would recommend LDT and their service.

Seth ParryFleet Manager | Fuel Tanker Truck Line

I had these guys do my 2016 ISX when it had around 30k on it. After Lloyd Diesel, my 2016 ISX ran quieter and smoother, and my MPG went up to 7.5, but of course it was new then so still breaking it in, I have 133K on it now and no problems at all, and it is loosening up and doing great.

Ron HOwner/Operator

We used to have trucks going to the dealership about 2 times a week for various Aftertreatment related repairs, plugged DPF’s, fault codes, and drivability issues. That meant trucks were off the road, and technicians were pulled to do truck delivery and pick-up. In the year since getting our fleet Optimized, the only reason we use the dealer is occasionally to order parts. Our trucks stay on the road, and our technicians are able to maintain the fleet in-house.

City of Gillette MunicipalityFleet Manager

Thanks to Lloyd Diesel for coming in to help Benjamin’s Transfer at a great time. Theengines were giving the company a hard time with the Aftertreatment system. Trucks had to get regen (forced/manual regen) due to not being able to regen down the road. This is due to the type of work they do, stop-and-go. There’s a lot of idle time on the units.  Lloyd Diesel simply has a lot of knowledge of things to look for, that dealerships and schools don’t explain to you. Let Lloyd Diesel come help you on being successful with all the DPF systems that are out here. Let them guide you down the right path.

AlfonzoHead Mechanic | Benjamin Transportation

Thanks to Rob & Lloyd Diesel Technologies, we have noticed a dramatic change in our fleet. Not only have we gained fuel mileage, but we also have had full use of our fleet with minimal down time due smog related failures. We would have at least one truck down a week, sometimes 2 or 3, due to plugged DPF’s or blown EGR coolers. LDT came in and spec’d 23 of our trucks and showed me some simple things that I could do to prevent failures. We saved almost $6,000 on fuel in the first month. That was great, but the best part was the fact that we haven’t had a truck down for smog related failure (Since LDT)

Jacob B.Fleet Manager | Sacanni Distributing

Lloyd Diesel Technologies has legally improved my fuel mileage from 6.3 to 8.1 mpg. My dpf behaves properly, and my regen frequency has gone from every 53 hours to every 112. Carb certified and completely legal. Do your homework. It's well worth it and I couldn't be happier!!!

David K.Owner/Operator