The Top 3 Things Causing DPF Failure In Your Truck

The Top 3 Things Causing DPF Failure In Your Truck


These 3 things will wreck your DPF…but not when you are Lloyd Diesel Optimized!

If you have been following us here at Lloyd Diesel, then you know that we think your DPF sucks! DPF failure is a major headache, not just when it forces you to regen at the end of your shift instead of punching out and heading home, but because that dirty DPF is wrecking havoc on the rest of the after treatment system and engine. Oh, and if you don’t think your DPF is dirty, you’re probably mistaken…poor fuel economy, slow throttle response, less power…these are all things that can often times be attributed to a dirty DPF.

As we head into a new year, Lloyd Diesel wants you guys to be at your best. We are tired of the same old run around from service departments who are all too happy to “fix it when it breaks”, instead of prevent it from breaking. Times have changed folks, and Lloyd Diesel is on the forefront of that change: a change to empower you, the trucker, who make this country run.

The more you understand about your after treatment system, the more control you have over the reliability and efficiency of your truck…with that in mind, here are the 3 things that plug your DPF the fastest, leading to DPF failure:diesel truck optimization-Lloyd Diesel

1. Power Take-Off (PTO)

If your truck spends any time in PTO, like many of you guys do, then you probably experience many of the side-effects of a plugged DPF or DPF failure. Fire engines in pump operations, raising a dump truck bed, operating the mechanical arm on a bucket, crushing the garbage in a garbage truck…these are all major causes of DPF failure. The problem with PTO is that the engine is working hard, but the DPF can’t go into regen mode. The more your engine works, the dirtier your filter gets, and without a chance to regen, you end up making your engine work extra hard to push exhaust through that dirty filter. Boom! Next thing you know, turbos blow, fuel economy tanks, power is zapped…

2. Stop-and-Go Driving

Does your route run you through heavy traffic areas? Or through congested cities? Maybe you do deliveries all through town. Red lights, brake lights, pulling over…you know the deal. Rev it up to get going, only to have to take it back down to stop. You guys probably never get much over about 35 mph during a shift until the drive back to the yard. With this type of driving, your truck probably never gets hot enough to passively regen. If you are lucky, the drive home is long enough to partially clean the filter, but chances are you are always operating with a dirty filter. And remember…a dirty filter means your engine is working harder than it should be, which means more wear-and-tear, poor fuel economy, less power…

3. Frequent Idling

This is a shout-out to all you long haulers who think your DPF is clean because of your long drives…well, if you’re company isn’t flipping the bill for a hotel, then chances are when you park it for the night you keep that engine running at a nice, smooth idle. After all, nobody wants to freeze out in their cab this time of year. Well, 8 hours of idle (if your truck will actually let you) is murder on your DPF! Sure, when you hit the road in the morning, hopefully your truck will try to regen, but what you end up with is a game of cat-and-mouse, where your engine is constantly trying to catch up with your dirty filter, while your filter continues to get dirty. In case you never seen Tom and Jerry…the cat never catches the mouse.

The Lloyd Diesel Difference

“our goal is to change the industry for the better and put the power back in the hands of the truckers.”

Looking at this list, I know it is impossible to avoid these scenarios. I am sure that at least one, if not 2 or 3, will apply to many of you out there. A dirty DPF leads to many issues, up to and including premature DPF failure or failure of various after treatment components. Well, premature DPF failure does not have to be an issue any more, even if your maintenance shop continues to tell you that “its just the way things are” and “we’ve always done it this way”.

When you get Lloyd Diesel Optimized, your truck will be spec’d to your specific duty cycle, taking into consideration things like your average speed, idle time, route, loads, driving habits and more…and once you are properly spec’d, your truck will finally operate the way it is supposed to: efficient, reliable, strong. Your DPF will stay cleaner, longer. Your fuel economy will improve and you will experience fewer after treatment related maintenance issues. Do the math: better fuel economy + reduced downtime + reduced repair expenses = MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

We’re not selling snake oil here folks. Just ask any number of our happy independents and fleets that are already LDT Optimized (see our reviews on FACEBOOK). Spec’ing your truck is just one small (albeit important) part of our service, as our goal is to change the industry for the better and put the power back in the hands of the truckers. We provide education, service, advice, purchase consulting, and more. If you are tired of getting the run around from your service department, or being told that “its just the way things are”, then CONTACT Lloyd Diesel today to learn how we can help you.

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